Non-Consensual Content Policy


The unauthorized sharing of adult material without the explicit consent of all parties involved is strictly forbidden on our website and constitutes a grave violation of our Terms of Use.


To comply with Visa and Mastercard regulations governing adult content and the eKYC process of the seller, we require all sellers providing such content to submit verifiable identification documents for performers and a signed consent agreement.


All content on our site is provided by professional corporate entities. Therefore, we assume that the performers' ages have been properly verified, they have consented to participate in the work, and there is mutual agreement on the method of staging. However, should you encounter any content that raises concerns regarding non-consensual participation, please report it using the form provided below. 

▼【AfternoonX】Reporting Abuse And Violations (English)

▼【AfternoonX】不適切コンテンツ報告フォーム (Japanese)

Once we receive your report, we will promptly launch an investigation, aiming to resolve the issue within 7 business days (during this process, we may contact you to request additional information or documentation).


Rest assured, any reported content found to be non-consensual will be rigorously investigated and swiftly removed upon confirmation.

*Please note that we do not host or accept User Generated Content (UGC) from individual third-party users. If you represent a corporate entity and are interested in selling content on our website, please reach out to us via email (please refer to our company profile page).